Winter's Beach Lead Ian Walker, Passion Net Productions
Curtis Reborn (Post-Production) Major Supporting Molly Kate Toombs, Azusa Pacific University
Faith (Post-Production) Major Supporting Ian Walker, ISO Entertainment
Hey Neighbor Lead Haynes, Chapman University
Snapped Lead Sophie-Prettyman Beauchamp, UCI
Long Long Night Lead Lloyd Torres, UCI
Don’t Stop Us Now Lead Sophie-Prettyman Beauchamp, UCI
Aces Lead Leif Shen, UCI FADA
Zot Zot Land Lead Ryan Gonzales, UCI
Wolf’s Game Principal Nikki Wang, UCI FADA


Stranger Things Drive-In Experience S1 Eleven (Ensemble) Netflix, Secret Cinema
The 39 Steps Pamela/Margaret/Anabella Costa Mesa Playhouse (dir. Chris Mertan)
The Refugee Hotel Calladita Robert Cohen Theater (dir. Juliette Carrillo)
A Bright Room Called Day Rosa Malek Robert Cohen Theater (dir. Andrew Borba)
The Importance of Being Earnest Miss Prism Little Theater (dir. Shishir Kurup)
Time Stands Still Sarah Robert Cohen Theater (dir. Josh Feder)
Still Stands the House Hester Nixon Theater (dir. Sara Rodriguez)
The Pillowman Tuploski Robert Cohen Theater (dir. Brody Rodgers)
Stop Kiss Sara Nixon Theater (dir. Lia Fakhouri)
Calm Down Mother Mrs. Tweed/Sue Nixon Theater (dir. Sydney Sheffield)

Education / Training

University of California, Irvine BA in Drama (Honors in Acting)
BA in International Studies
Acting Cynthia Bassham, Andrew Borba, Richard Brestoff, Grace Morrison,
Playhouse West, Los Angeles (Holly Gagnier & Wolfgang Bodison)
Voice (Fitzmaurice) Cynthia Bassham
Speech (Knight-Thompson) Phil Thompson
Improvisation Joel Veenstra, Live Nude People (Group)
Movement Annie Loui
Stage Combat (University of Manchester) Kenan Ali

Special Skills

Dialects British (RP, Cockney, Estuary, MLE), Polish, Russian, Irish, Scottish, American Southern (rhotic & non-rhotic), Boston, New York, French, German, Spanish
Music Voice (Mezzo Soprano), Violin
Martial Arts Soo Bahk Do (Red Belt, 2 stripes)
Miscellaneous Mouth Trumpet, Yoshi™ Impression, Clowning (Eli Simon), Improv

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